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What they're saying about Fishing Music I & II...

"You don't even have to be a fisherman to enjoy this fantastic CD!" 
- Tom Brokaw, NBC News Anchor

"These soothing tunes reflect some of the real reasons that crazy guys like us enjoy fishing - relaxation, joy, escape, and adventure - small pleasures that adjust our attitude and outlook in this frenzied world."
- Dr. Ken Ford, co-host of "The Reel Guys" fishing show on ESPN2

"My absolutely favorite! This CD stays playing in my truck because it makes me want to sing out loud and head toward a river and go fishing."
- Lori Ann Murphy, Reel Woman Fly Fishing Adventures

"If you yearn to spend your days on the river, you'll love this jaunty mix of blues, jazz, folk and bluegrass... celebrating the joys - and rueful letdowns - of the fishing life. If you can't be fishin', you ought to be listenin' to this fabulous CD!"
- Margaret Warner, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS

"I've just got to tell you how much I've enjoyed your album. It's interesting that being in a band called Trout Fishing in America and also being an avid fisherman, I've never been interested in singing a fishing song. Until I heard Madison Brown and Ocean of Dreams. Great songwriting and performance!"
- Ezra Idlet, member of the band Trout Fishing In America

"The musicanship is to my untrained but very experienced ear, spectacular. We have CD's piled to the ceiling at our house and have listened to lots of music -- and you guys wail. Even my kids were like, "who's that?"
- Ray M., Detroit, MI

"Every person we've shown this CD has bought a copy!"
- Steve Summerhill, Owner, The River's Edge Fly Shop

"I'm afraid you asked the wrong person. I never listen to records, never go fishing."
- Pete Seeger, world-renowned folk singer/songwriter